This school is about detailing exactly what it takes to grow your site through the means of search engine optimisation. On the whole it will cover the three components of SEO amongst many formats.

Those three components are Technical SEO for ecommerce, On Page SEO for ecommerce and finally Off Page SEO for ecommerce. We will look specifically into the different types of pages that make up an ecommerce site such as the category page and product page - analysing how we we can best make the most of them in order to generate more organic traffic for your site.

Ecommerce On Page SEO

This section of SEO is about what visitor actually sees when they go on your store. It's everything from the videos that have been embedded, the product descriptions, the way the categories have been laid out, the way headers have been used and much more.

On Page SEO is essentially about making sure that the specific page on your website (whether that's the homepage, product page or category page or blog post) is set up to target a specific keyword.

Ecommerce Off Page SEO

Ecommerce Off Page SEO

When it comes to the off page SEO for ecommerce, it's mainly surrounding the aspects of backlinks.

What's a backlink?

This is an example going back to my profile: Ecommerce SEO Consultancy Services.

All Off Page SEO is essentially all the activity that has an influence on your rankings that is not on your website.

What will we discuss here is a range of strategies that you can do to essentially earn backlinks to your site. Why do you want to do this? It helps to improve your domain authority. The higher your domain authority, the better chance you have of ranking for your desired keyword.

Ecommerce Technical SEO

When it comes to Ecommerce technical SEO. This is about ensuring that the site properly set up in an appropriate manner that Google can correctly crawl the site and also offer certain aspects that it expects of a good ecommerce site.

For instance, is the site mobile friendly? Does it run fast? Is the website secure? These are all ranking factors that Google potentially considers when it determines if one website should rank above another - as ultimately they want to serve the user with the best possible result they can. This involves having a website that is technically 100% sound. We'll run through a thorough ecommerce website SEO audit service roadmap, so you can fully assured that the site is technically sound.

About Me

I'm Harry, I've been practicing SEO since I was 16 and have recently been carrying out SEO freelance services over the course of the last 5 years. I've held a position at an SEO agency as a Senior SEO Manager and progressed to Head of SEO at a national retailer. I also now carry out SEO consultancy, specialising in Ecommerce stores - and now I am sharing this knowledge across a range of courses that I plan on creating at my ecommerce SEO school.